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LMHC Test Preparation or Retake

Contact me to set up a meeting:
We can meet weekly or biweekly depending on when you plan to take the test. I fit folks around my private practice schedule and can do re-occurring appointment.


  • Working with Scott helped me get out of my own head and focus on breaking the test down into simpler parts and using my strengths as a clinician-Jessica (2019 LMHC who passed the test after 4 months of us meeting)

  • “Scott was terrific. He tailored our sessions to my needs and specifically provided outstanding support for exam prep. “  - Reid (previous intern)

  • "My experience in supervision with Scott has greatly exceeded my expectations. It has been a different experience, dynamic, challenging, and nothing boring. Scott has effectively integrated to supervision the learning tool in a varied and different ways every week alternating between case studies, researches, and exam practices. Thank you for making this long and difficult process into a bearable and comfortable one." - G. Fernandez (current intern)

  • "Scott has been an amazing clinical supervisor. He is very knowledgeable and all that he has taught me, works with my clients. He has given good insight and skills on how to prepare for the licensure test. I feel blessed that I have found him." - Sandi (current intern)

  • "Scott is very knowledgeable and hands on with exam prep. We discuss what I need improvement in and also my strong suits. It's always a learning experience that I enjoy. I always look forward to our next meeting." - Cristal (present intern)

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